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Monday, December 14, 2009

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Title : A Beautiful Mind
Director : Ron Howard
Genre : Biography | Drama
Cast : Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly
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Synopsis :
At Princeton University, John Nash struggles to make a worthwhile contribution to serve as his legacy to the world of mathematics. He finally makes a revolutionary breakthrough that will eventually earn him the Nobel Prize. After graduate school he turns to teaching, becoming romantically involved with his student Alicia. Meanwhile the government asks his help with breaking Soviet codes, which soon gets him involved in a terrifying conspiracy plot. Nash grows more and more paranoid until a discovery that turns his entire world upside down. Now it is only with Alicia's help that he will be able to recover his mental strength and regain his status as the great mathematician we know him as today.

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Public Enemies (DVDRip) (2009)

Title : Public Enemies
Director : Michael Mann
Genre : Biography | Crime | Drama | History | Thriller
Cast : James Russo,David Wenham,Christian Stolte,Johnny Depp
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Synopsis :
The film opens in 1933 as John Dillinger (Johnny Depp) is brought to the Indiana State Prison by his partner John "Red" Hamilton (Jason Clarke), under the disguise of a prisoner drop. Dillinger and Hamilton overpower several guards and free members of their gang including Charles Makley (Christian Stolte) and Harry Pierpont (David Wenham). The jailbreak goes off without a hitch, until gang member Ed Shouse (Michael Vieau) beats a guard to death. A shootout ensues as the gang makes its getaway.

Dillinger's friend and mentor Walter Dietrich (James Russo) is killed, and a furious Dillinger kicks Shouse out of the car. The rest of the gang retreats to a farm house hideout, where crooked Chicago cop Martin Zarkovich (John Michael Bolger) convinces them to hide out in Chicago, where they can be sheltered by the Mafia.

In East Liverpool, Ohio, Melvin Purvis (Christian Bale) and several other FBI agents are running down Pretty Boy Floyd (Channing Tatum). Purvis kills Floyd and is promoted by J. Edgar Hoover (Billy Crudup), who is struggling to expand his Bureau into a national police agency, to lead the hunt for John Dillinger, declaring the first national "War on Crime."

In between a series of bank robberies, Dillinger meets Billie Frechette (Marion Cotillard), his love interest, at a restaurant, and proceeds to woo her by buying her a fur coat. Frechette falls for Dillinger even after he tells her who he is, and the two quickly become inseperable.

Melvin Purvis leads a failed ambush at a hotel where he believes Dillinger is staying. An agent is shot and killed by the occupant. After the man escapes, Purvis realizes the killer wasn't Dillinger but Baby Face Nelson (Stephen Graham). After this incident, Purvis demands that Hoover bring in professional lawmen who know how to catch criminals dead or alive, including Texas "cowboy" Charles Winstead
(Stephen Lang).

Police finally find Dillinger and arrest him and his gang in Tucson. Dillinger is extradited back to Indiana where he is locked up pending trial. Dillinger and a few inmates escape. Dillinger is unable to see Frechette, who is under tight surveillance. Dillinger learns that Frank Nitti's (Bill Camp) Chicago Outfit associates are now unwilling to help him; Dillinger's crimes are motivating the U.S. government to begin prosecuting interstate crime, which imperils Nitti's lucrative bookmaking racket.

Later, Dillinger meets fellow bank robber Tommy Carroll (Spencer Garrett) in a movie theater; with him is Ed Shouse, who wants to rejoin the gang. Carroll goads Dillinger into a bank robbery job in Sioux Falls, promising a huge score. Even though Baby Face Nelson is involved, whom he doesn't like, Dillinger agrees. A shootout (triggered by Nelson shooting a cop outside the bank) occurs in which
Dillinger is shot in the arm, and Carroll is shot and left for dead. They retreat to Nelson's wilderness lodge hideout at Little Bohemia, where Dillinger's wounds are treated; the gang is disappointed to find that their haul is only a fraction of what they expected. Dillinger expresses hope he can free the rest of his gang still in prison, including Pierpont and Makley, but Red convinces him this is unlikely to happen.

Purvis and his men apprehend Carroll (who is still alive) and torture him to find the rest of the gang's location. They arrive at Little Bohemia and Purvis organizes another failed ambush, in which several civilians are killed in the cross-fire. Dillinger and Red escape separately from Nelson and the rest of the gang. Agents Winstead and Hurt (Don Frye) pursue Dillinger and Hamilton through the woods
on foot, engaging them in a running gun battle in which Red is shot and fatally wounded. Trying to escape along the road, Nelson, Shouse and Homer Van Meter (Stephen Dorff) hijack an FBI car, killing several agents in the process, including Purvis's partner Carter Baum (Rory Cochrane). After a car chase, Purvis and his men kill Nelson and the rest of the gang. Further down the road, Dillinger and Hamilton steal a farmer's car and make good their escape; Hamilton dies later that night and Dillinger buries his body, covering it in lye.

Dillinger manages to meet Frechette, telling her he plans to do one last job that will pay enough for them to escape together. However, Dillinger drops her off at a hotel he thinks is safe and helplessly watches as she is captured. An interrogator, Agent Reinecke (Adam Mucci) viciously beats Frechette to learn Dillinger's whereabouts, but she refuses to talk; Purvis and Winstead arrive and angrily break up the interrogation. Meanwhile, Dillinger is meeting with Alvin Karpis (Giovanni Ribisi), who tries to recruit a disinterested Dillinger in a train robbery with his associates, the Barker Gang. Dillinger receives a note from Billie through his lawyer, Louis Piquet (Peter Gerety), telling him not to try and break her out of jail.

Through crooked cop Zarkovich, Purvis enlists the help of madam and Dillinger acquaintance Anna Sage (Branka Katic), threatening her with deportation if she is not cooperative. She agrees to set up Dillinger, who is hiding with Sage.

That night Dillinger and Sage see a Clark Gable movie called Manhattan Melodrama at the Biograph Theater. When the movie is over, Dillinger and the women leave as Purvis moves in. Dillinger spots the police and is shot several times before he can draw his gun. Agent Winstead, who fired the fatal shot, listens to Dillinger's last words.

Later, Winstead meets Frechette in prison. He tells her that Dillinger's dying words were "Tell Billie for me, 'Bye bye Blackbird.'" The closing text reveals that Melvin Purvis quit the FBI shortly afterwards and died by his own hand in 1960, and that Billie lived out of the rest of her life in Wisconsin following her release in 1936.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Skin (2008)

Title : Skin
Director : Anthony Fabian
Genre : Biography | Drama | Mystery
Cast : Zoea Alberts,Nomathamsanga Baleka,Graeme Bloch
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Synopsis :
Based on the true story of a black girl who was born to two white Afrikaner parents in South Africa during the apartheid era.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Valkyrie (2008)

Title : Valkyrie
Director : Bryan Singer
Genre : Drama | History | Thriller | War
Cast : Tom Cruise,Kenneth Branagh,Carice van Houten
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Synopsis :
Valkyrie opens with a Colonel Stauffenberg in Africa, penning in a journal his thoughts about World War II, and how he feels Hitler is destroying Germany. Stauffenberg states he took an oath to swear allegiance to Hitler, but feels he owes more to Germany. He argues with a general about holding a key city in a futile effort against the British Army and American General Patton. The general agrees to
have the 10th Panzer moved to a different location where they can be evacuated back to mainland Europe. Shortly thereafter, the camp is attacked and Stauffenberg is badly injured, losing one of his eyes, his right hand, and two fingers from his left hand.

The next scene shows Hitler visiting a base camp in Germany, and a nervous General Trescow onlooking.

As Hitler prepares to depart, Trescow and an associate hide a bomb in a wine case and give to a man on Hitler's plane, but it fails to detonate in flight, and Trescow must return to headquarters to retrieve it. Once he arrives, he meets up with who is revealed as a fellow conspirator, a General Olbricht. Trescow safely retrieves the wine case and he and Olbrict discuss a member of their secret committee who was recently arrested. Trescow recommends Olbricht contact Colonel Stauffenberg as a
replacement, which Olbricht does, and bring Stauffenberg to one of the clandestine meetings.

In the meeting, Stauffenberg meets three of the most important figures in the resistance. A Dr.Goerdeler, who will become Chancellor of Germany should the plot succeed, a General Beck, who will lead the Armed Forces, and a man named Witzleben. After tempers flare, Stauffenberg agrees to help. At a later meeting, Stauffenberg suggests they utilize Operation Valkyrie, which is a plan that uses the Reserve Army to keep amongst the Germany country should anything disrupt communications from Hitler, or should Hitler be killed. Stauffenberg rewrites the order to exclude the SS from taking control, which would leave the head of the Reserve Army, General Fromm, in charge of Germany. Reaching out to General Fromm, Stauffenberg and Olbricht are surprised at his rejection, but Fromm keeps quiet, choosing to neither support the dissenters nor reports them to the authorities. Meanwhile, General
Trescow is sent to the front lines. Stauffenberg is promoted to head of the plan, and he, along with his assistant Lieutenant Haeften, take the order to the Berghof to be signed off by Hitler himself.

Hitler, with his inner circle present, praises Stauffenberg's loss of appendages as the attitude necessary for his military, and states Stauffenberg is the ideal German. He then signs off on the bill, saying he's sure the changes are adequate.

Back at command, a Colonel Quirnheim shows the dissenters how to use pencil detonators, and Stauffenberg persuades a General Fellgiebel, who controls communications at the Wolf's Lair, to help.

Stauffenberg has been promoted to General Fromm's chief-of-staff, and thus has access to Hitler's military debriefings, so the plan goes as follows: Stauffenberg and Haeften will travel to Hitler's bunker, the Wolf's Lair, to attend a military meeting. Stauffenberg will ignite one of the pencil detonators and then have Fellgiebel call and pretend to be a general, pulling Stauffenberg out of the meeting while Haeften waits with a car. In theory, Stauffenberg and Haeften will have six minutes to drive before the bomb detonates, giving them time to return to the airfield and fly off before they can be suspected. The only condition the heads of the dissenters give, however, is that head of the SS Himmler, along with Hitler, must be present for Stauffenberg to arm the bomb. Stauffenberg travels to the Wolf's Lair and has all preparations ready, but notices Himmler is not present at the meeting and calls the committee to ask if he may proceed anyways. He is refused by the committee, unbeknownst to Olbricht, who mobilizes the Reserve Army anyways. As Stauffenberg safely extracts himself and the bomb from the bunker, the Reserve Army believes they were just running a training drill, and Olbricht and Stauffenberg are ordered to report to General Fromm, who is outraged they would mobilize the army
without his permission. He tells them that if this happens again he will arrest them both.

Dr. Goerdeler has a warrant issued for his arrest and General Beck implores him to leave the country. Goerdeler, Stauffenberg's chief opponent on the committee, hastily leaves and is replaced by Colonel Quirnheim. Colonel Stauffenberg visits his home and tells his wife his plan, and that she and his children must leave, because of their suffering if he should fail, they do so, and Stauffenberg makes his next attempt on Hitler's life as he attends another military debriefing on July 20, 1944. Much to his surprise, the meeting has been moved from Hitler's bunker to an open window summer hut. The blast would be most effective in the pressurized bunker, where the thick walls would deflect the pressure back to the bomb's origin, wiping out everyone in the bunker. Stauffenberg plans to proceed anyways but then notices Himmler is once again not present. He calls the committee to ask permission to continue and they say no, but Stauffenberg and Quirnheim privately agree to continue anyways, and Stauffenberg enters the summer hut. He and Haeften arm the bomb in a washroom and place it under the war room table, as Haeften gets the car. Fellgiebel gives Stauffenberg his distraction call, and Stauffenberg hastily leaves the hut.

In the war room, an enraged Hitler bangs his fist against the table, knocking Stauffenberg's briefcase, with armed bomb inside, over. A correspondent at the table sees Stauffenberg's fallen bag and moves it behind a table leg opposite Hitler. As Stauffenberg walks to his car, the bomb detonates.

Fellgiebel phones Quirnheim, but poor reception keeps Quirnheim from fully understanding what all has happened, only hearing that the bomb has indeed detonated. Believing his job to be done, Fellgiebel orders them to shut off all communications. Olbricht impores Quirnheim to phone back and find is Hitler is dead, but the broken phone lines keep that from happening. Olbricht refuses to mobilize the
Reserve Army until he has received confirmation that Hitler has indeed been killed, and leaves for lunch. Quirnheim issues the mobilization order behind Olbricht's back, and the Reserve Army, led by Major Remer, mobilize in Berlin. Meanwhile, Stauffenberg, Haeften, and their driver quickly make their way out of the Wolf's Lair, and Stauffenberg cleverly tricks soldiers into opening checkpoints for
him. He makes it back to the airfield, and quickly flies a plane back the government district of Berlin.

Much to his shock, the delay caused by Olbricht issuing the order could substantially set the effort back, but they proceed with the plan as scheduled. They march to General Fromm's office and inform him that Hitler is dead, and that he can either join their cause or be arrested. Fromm calls the Wolf's Lair, whose communication has been restored, and hears that Hitler is, in fact, alive. Stauffenberg dismisses this and asks Fromm whose side he's on. Fromm attempts to arrest Stauffenberg and Olbricht but is, himself, arrested. Stauffenberg, Olbricht, and Beck, as heads of the Reserve Army under Operation Valkyrie, give orders to arrest all SS officers and seize control of Berlin. Major Remer follows these requests until he reaches the SS headquarters in France. Contradicting orders have been sent, one from the Wolf's Lair ordering the arrest of Stauffenberg, and one from Stauffenberg ordering the arrest of Minister Joseph Goebbels. Goebbels, shown slipping a cyanide pill in his mouth as he watches the Reserve Army approach, picks up a phone and asks to be connected. Remer walks in and states the man is under arrest, but the man gives Remer the phone. Hitler is on the other line, and he
commands Werner to release all SS and capture those in charge alive. Remer cancels the occupation of Berlin and marches to Stauffenberg.

Rumors are swirling that Hitler is alive, which Stauffenberg dismisses as SS propaganda. Butgradually, Stauffenberg's associates in headquarters are defecting. The Reserve Army reaches headquarters, and Stauffenberg, Haeften, Quirnheim, Olbricht, and Beck attempt to leave. All are captured, and General Fromm is released from his cell. Wanting to appear innocent, Fromm orders the immediate arrest of the conspirators. In his office, he condemns Stauffenberg, Quirnheim, Olbricht,Haeften, and Beck to death, but allows Beck to kill himself with a pistol.

The remaining four are taken outside and simultaneously executed by firing squad. Meanwhile, GeneralTrescow, hearing of the failure, is shown committing suicide on the front lines with a grenade.
Goerdeler is shown executed by hanging, and eventually Stauffenberg is brought before the firingsquad. Quirnheim and Olbricht have already been executed, and only Stauffenberg and Haeften remain.
Stauffenberg is prepared to face his death when Haeften steps in front of him, taking the firingsquad's first shots, and falling dead. The firing squad reloads, and aims at Stauffenberg, who screams "Long live sacred Germany," before falling dead. Witzleben is shown publicly denouncing Hitler in a trial, and the film reveals he took was executed. Then the film states that General Fromm's hasty executions could not save himself, and he too, was executed for not reporting the conspirators. The film concludes with a byline announcing Hitler's suicide less than a year later, and reveals that Stauffenberg's wife and children survived.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ip man (2008)

Title : Ip man
Director : Wilson Yip
Genre : Action | Biography | Drama
Cast : Donnie Yen,Simon Yam,You-Nam Wong
See : Trailer

Synopsis :
A semi-biographical account of Yip Man, the first martial arts master to teach the Chinese martial art of Wing Chun.

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