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Sang Pemimpi (2009) DVDrip

Title : Sang Pemimpi
Director : Riri Riza
Genre : Drama
Cast : Maudy Ayunda, Azwir Fitrianto, Mathias Muchus
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Synopsis :
"Sang Pemimpi" tells curl adolescence, family child labor in the State Enterprise lowly tin Belitong Island. Together with his cousin, Arai and Jimbron, his friend, Arai continue until high school to Port Manggar which is tens of kilometers from their residence.

Lives of those who rented a room near the theaters that show movies for adults to make curls, Arai and Jimbron live and grow up together with all the challenges and struggles of life plus problems of adolescence to achieve the ideals and dreams. Spirit to achieve the increasingly terlecut when a teacher gives them the inspiration to pursue a dream.

Balia, is one of the teachers there who were able to burn et curly spirit to dream of a time they can explore Europe and other parts of the world, no matter the situation curls, Arai and Jimbron who was judging the economy, the dream seemed impossible. But at the same time, they must deal with Mr. Mustard is a very disciplined and hard. Contrary to the attitude of Balia, Mr. Mustard did not tolerate anything wrong, wrong for him every child should be punished.

In reaching a dream, other issues arise. Not just a school problem but also love. Arai love the irresistible on Zakiah Nurmala and Jimbron who also fell in love with melancholy girl named Lakshmi cincau factory workers. While curly, passionate young person to feel guilty about his father who is very proud of her childhood.

But a sense of guilt that makes curly rose to achieve a dream. One by one they opened the knot of life, ideals, hope and love. But when it has attained a bachelor's degree Arai suddenly disappeared. Stay curls alone speculate chasing a dream. Will the dream was achieved without the presence Arai?

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