Monday, August 23, 2010

Bebek Belur (2010) DVDrip

Title : Bebek Belur
Director : Adrianto Sinaga
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Deddy Mizwar, Didi Petet, Bajaj Gru
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Synopsis :
Bebek Belur movie lifted from a story that has many Cibebek world known people, which in everyday life arise various problems including the problem that is very funny, sad, and touching, with various types of characters in it.

Like in the real world, everyday citizens are full of hilarity Cibebek and simplicity, although in their midst is happening this very important and meaningful. With characteristic optimism, honesty, courage to defend the right, and with how smart they may limit the desire and intent to rich people who have been consumed by exhaustively, because they believe that despair is not an option. Residents Cibebek always wanted to maintain happiness together, to protect the harmony of the village, as they are always his trademark can still laugh and do funny things while overcoming major problems.

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