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Mulan II

Title : Mulan II
Director : Darrell Rooney
Genre : Animation | Family
Cast : Ming-Na as Fa Mulan, Mark Moseley as Mushu, B.D. Wong as General Li Shang
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Synopsis :
A month after the events of the first film, General Shang asks Mulan for her hand in
marriage, which she accepts. Hearing about their engagement, Mushu is thrilled for
them- until the leader of the ancestors informs him that if Mulan gets married, he
will lose his job as a guardian dragon and have to leave her and his pedestal, his
place of honor as a guardian. The reason for this is because Mulan would be getting
married to Shang, thus she becomes a part of his family which requires her to have
his family ancestors and guardians.

Wanting to keep his job and his friend, Mushu attempts to tear the couple apart
(especially for selfish reasons, but, officially, because he sees that they are not
very compatible). Meanwhile, the Emperor calls upon Mulan and General Shang to escort his three daughters- Princesses Mei, Ting-Ting, and Su across China to be betrothed to three princes so that an alliance can be formed with the kingdom of Qui Gong. If the task is not completed within three days, the alliance will crumble, and the Mongols will destroy China.

Mulan and Shang set out, along with Yao, Ling and Chien-Po (from the first film), to
safely escort the princesses to their new kingdom. However, due to Mushu's interferences and the fact that the three princesses are upset by their arranged
marriages and actually love Chien-Po, Ling, and Yao, Mulan decides to go against her
orders and, despite Shang's wishes, stop the joining of kingdoms. One night, Chien-Po, Ling and Yao take the princesses out to a village where they impress the
girls with their antics. Meanwhile, Mushu tricks Shang into thinking Mulan is taking
advantage of him.

They then go through bandit country. Pressured by Cri-Kee, Mushu confesses to Mulan
on what he had done. Enlightened about the news (yet extremely peeved at Mushu),
Mulan tries to talk to Shang when bandits attack. While saving the three princesses,
the bridge they're on breaks, and General Shang and Mulan are left dangling off a
broken bridge. Since the rope can only support the weight of one person, Shang
sacrifices his life to save Mulan and lets go of her hand, falling into the river.

Mulan then continues alone to Qui Gong. Not wanting the princesses to be forced into
marriage, and because Shang is dead, she offers herself to marry one of the ruler's
sons. Shang, who actually survived the fall, finds out about it and tries to stop
her. Mushu decides to help by pretending to be the Great Golden Dragon of Unity, who
forces the ruler to stop the marriage. Mulan and Shang get married and the princesses are released from their vows, again thanks to Mushu. At the end, Shang combines the family temples. This means that Mushu gets to keep his job, and in his happiness, he accidentally reveals himself to Shang, even though Mulan already told Shang about Mushu. Mulan, Shang, and Mushu live happily ever after.

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