Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Air Terjun Pengantin (2009)

Title : Air Terjun Pengantin
Director : Rizal Mantovani
Genre : Horror
Cast : Tamara Bleszynski, Marcel Chandrawinata, Tyas Mirasih, Kieran Sidhu, Navy Rizki Tavania, Andrew Ralph Roxburgh, Nanie Dharham, Jenny Cortez, Lucky L. Moniaga dan Majid Piranha.
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Synopsis :
Life Tiara (Tamara Bleszynski) who is a wushu athlete before fine, but since her accident, her trauma in the dark. Not only that, Tiara had to resign from his profession as an athlete.

Lilo, lover Tiara, did not want to see Tiara constantly sad. So he took the initiative to invite Tiara, her niece, Mandy and her friends the other for a holiday
in a quiet island, Bride Island.

It is said that the waterfall on the island famous for beautiful bride, besides the
waterfall is believed to have mystical powers. If you come and pray under the
waterfall, the couple who love would be eternal and pray a happy ending.

Tiara was meant to pray beneath the waterfall. Because until now, Lilo has not
proposed. Tiara unconscious, on the island early this catastrophe occurred. Without
realizing it by Tiara and Lilo, on the island there is a killer who preyed on their
lives one by one.

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