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XXL: Double Extra Large (2009)

Title : XXL: Double Extra Large
Director : Ivander Tedjasukmana
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Aming, Meichan, Tessy, Sarah Sechan, Meriam Bellina, Dwi
Sasono, Candil, Joe P Project
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Synopsis :
Kasep (Aming) didaulat continued his father's leadership (Candil) in the gang Sundanese ethnic background, 'Barudak Lieur'. Since the father did not necessarily disappear kasep rimbanya, Barudak crisis because Lieur constantly pressured by a rival gang called 'Wong Kenthir' leadership Soemanto (Dwi Sasono). Heavy responsibility to bear kasep. One reason, kasep feel inferior because his penis size is not supported. Therefore, any attempt Lieur Barudak traditional medicine for kasep. Incidentally Mak Siat (Sarah Sechan), a medical expert male genitalia had just come out of prison. He was determined to return the name scent hermitage 'Manuk Joy' is inherited by the teacher. However, Mak Siat intention was hampered by the football exploits Mak Lampir (Tessy), rival who won his patients while he was in prison.
Meanwhile, kasep unexpectedly fell in love with Jasmine (meichan), younger leadership Kenthir Wong. Kasep be completely wrong. He could not tell who she was at the Budget given the atmosphere of competition between the two camps of heat added
Kasep was stuck in the middle of attraction between Lieur Barudak interests and his love for Jasmine. In addition, he also was trying to inspire trust him with medical treatment in Siat Mak. He must immediately make a decision, let alone the battle between the two groups increasingly inevitable.

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