Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Maling Kutang (2009)

Title : Maling Kutang
Director : Rako Prijanto
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Indra Birowo, Sogi Indra Dhuaja, Kinaryosih, Deswita Maharani, Arie K. Untung
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Synopsis :
Syamsul, a grocery store owner, was surprised when he accidentally saw Ina, a rival shop owner, groveling tacky polka dot bra in an early morning. Syamsul not know that it's bra Sugeni, fairy-wannabe who throw ugly bra in front of the store Ina few minutes earlier. Syamsul also did not know that Ina was just checking the bra in front of his house street lights, which from a distance looks as if the bra is being prayed.

With this misunderstanding, plus by Yuyun, his wife is superstitious and fond of watching another world, Syamsul also stole tacky polka dot bra from Ina's house. They all, however, that Sugeni grandmother for making mad polka dot bra her grandmother's favorite, trying to get a bra is back from his Syamsul.

The situation further worsened with the two forest guards who thought Sugeni is gorilla escaped from the forest.

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