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Krazy crazy krezy... (2009) DVDRiP

Title : Krazy crazy krezy
Director : Rako Prijanto
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Tora Sudiro, Vincent Rompies, Pierre Andre, Sigi Wimala, Sissy Pricilia, Julia Ziegler, Acha Septriasa
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Synopsis :
Tian, Farid and Sonny, three thugs from different countries gathered in Jakarta metropolitan city. They met in the state has no money and nowhere to live. Finally, the three decided to help each other and their friendship begins. They met with three girls, Kartika, Rachael and Budget and menjalian love. Kartika had helped Sonny to get a job on a reality show as host. While Farid realized he was not going to get out of difficult life unless he did something big. Then, Farid with Budget own a business selling coffins and he fell in love with Jasmine.

Although the three men and three women were now close friends, Tian was upset because he failed with the aim of his life, that is looking for his girlfriend, Suzanne.

Moreover, he was already scared RATNA menyelingkuhi Ratnadan heartbroken if he come clean about her crush on Suzanne

When shooting a reality show begins, where Sonny had to look at a famous jewelry store, suddenly the tax man and forced him to confess to him that he did not hide the jewelry was reported. It turned out that after the shooting finished, berlin is really missing and policies stated Sonny, Farid and Tians ebagai defendant. They tried to prove that the allegations are not true.

Did they get out of these allegations? Is Tian successfully met with Suzanne?

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