Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kawin Laris (2009)

Title : Kawin Laris
Director : Cassandra Massardi
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Vincent Rompies, Zomi Zola, Candil, Jill Gladys
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Synopsis :
Since childhood, Agus (Zumi Zola) wants to be a preacher but the marriage rate in the district Agus declined drastically. Branch subdistrict threatened to merger with the district, led Deon (Rompies Vincent), a young preacher and narcis matre, who assisted with Mamud (Candil), the procurer is also a manager Deon
In the preacher's office was Agus is not alone. There Iin (Jill Gladys) and Beben (Edric Tjandra), a nerdy new rulers. Agus popularity makes Mamud Deon and anxiety. Deon did not want that to mergers in the office Agus. So he was trying to get breeding pairs more from Agus. Agus faction wars and Deon-Mahmud became higher as they both should have an important client, who lived in the house right in between them both districts. The client is Amanda Alissa (Nana Mirdad), artist, beautiful celebrities will be married to Pandu Wicaksana (Udjo Project Pop) children's generals, who guaranteed to be a big wedding
At the same time, Agus received bad news. Parents getting divorced. Agus's view of beauty perkimpoian dispersed immediately. It seems now, the most important person he had to convince was himself. Now, if Agus could make a best-selling perkimpoian back? Or Mamud Deon and won the game?

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