Sunday, January 17, 2010

Perjaka Terakhir (2009)

Title : Perjaka Terakhir
Director :
Genre : Drama | Comedy
Cast : Aming Sugandhi, Fahrani, Reza Rahadian
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Synopsis :
Ramya (Aming), slender guy who is a salsa instructor. Ramya drastic life changes when you meet with Sigi (Fahrani) tomboyish girl living as members of the debt collectors.

Conferences and Ramya Sigi Sigi happens when the gang chased Piratez yangd ipimpin by Gery (Reza Rahadian), which had long snarled see Sigi soccer exploits frequently reported illegal activity to the police As he pushed Sigi really helped Ramya enggak know nothing.

Meanwhile, because the headache is always driven by his mother's marriage, made a daring last Sigi Ramya forced to marry him. After the new marriage Ramya know Sigi's fierce professions enggak never change.

Ramya instead dragged into issues that would be killed Sigi Torro, led his gang. Torro want to eliminate the use of Gery Sigi. Ramya which began to fall in love with trying to help Sigi Sigi although often silliness Ramya make the situation even more chaotic.

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