Monday, January 11, 2010

Meraih Mimpi / Sing to the Dawn (2009)

Title : Meraih Mimpi / Sing to the Dawn
Director : Philip Mitchell / Mike Wiluan
Genre : Animation
Cast : Indra Bekti(Voice),Gita Gutawa(Dana Voice), Patton Otlivio Latupeirissa(Voice)
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Synopsis :
Dana (Gita Gutawa), forced to follow the patriarchal tradition in the village and also the dominance of the ruling landlords burden his family and the whole village with the outrageous property tax. When in fact Pairot landowner, intend to drive out residents in order to build hotels and casinos. Travel Funds to be very unique when he realized that only by winning a scholarship competition for continuing school, he can struggle against this injustice.

Accompanied with the forest animals and Rai (Patton 'Idola CIlik') her sister, Dana is not only able to get a scholarship, but they also discover the secret to the landlord the actual identity Reaching Dreams is the story of a daughter and her family who loved animals and the environment and do not stop dreaming and fighting.

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