Thursday, January 21, 2010

Merah Putih (2009)

Title : Merah Putih
Director : Yadi Sugandi
Genre : Drama
Cast : Lukman Sardi,Donny Alamsyah,Darius Sinathrya,Zumi Zola,Teuku Rifnu Wikana,Rahayu Saraswati
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Synopsis :
Authentic history of struggle against Indonesia to independence in 1947 when the Dutch military aggression led to Van Mook heart attack in the republics of Central Java, RED WHITE tells of a group of freedom fighters who must band together to survived the assassination, fought as a guerrilla fighter, to become children of the real nation, regardless of personal conflicts sharp and large differences in social class, tribe, place of origin, religion, and personality in the format 35-millimeter film, RED WHITE involve the international film industry's best experts in the field of special effects and layout Another technical experience in the Hollywood film: Special Effects Coordinator of English Adam Howarth (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN, Blackhawk DOWN), Coordinator of Substitute Cast Rocky McDonald (Mission Impossible II, THE QUIET AMERICAN), Make-Up Artist and Visual Effects Rob Trenton (BATMAN - THE DARK KNIGHT), arms expert John Bowring (Crocodile Dundee II, THE MATRIX, THE THIN RED LINE, AUSTRALIA, X-MEN Origins: Wolverine) and Assistant Director Mark Knight (DECEMBER BOYS, BEAUTIFUL)

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