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Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2 (2009)

Title : Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2
Director : Chaerul Umam
Genre : Drama
Cast : Kholidi Asadil Alam, Oki Setiana Dewi, Alice Norin
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Synopsis :
Khairul Abdullah Azzam - 28 years old, handsome and intelligent young man from a village in Central Java. From small, Azzam was seen as a very good boy pekertinya mind. For his efforts which he managed to obtain persistent scholarship to study at Al Azhar Egypt after completing his Aliyah in her village.

New year in Cairo and a student of Nobel achievement predicates Jayyid Jiddan (Graduated with Perfect), his father died. As Azzam's eldest son can not avoid responsibility for his family life, because his brother is still small. Meanwhile, he himself had to finish his studies at the State people. Eventually he began to divide the time to learn and make a living. He began making tempeh and meatballs which he marketed in the environment she Embassy Cairo. Thanks to the skill and tenacity in cooking, Azzam became popular and close to the Embassy staff in Cairo. But it's impact on college Azzam, was 9 years passed, he had not completed college.

Azzam often get jobs at the Embassy Cairo to reconcile it with the Ambassador Princess, Eliana Pramesthi Nature. Eliana is a graduate of the French EHESS continue his S-2 at the American University in Cairo. Besides intelligent, Eliana is also popular among students because of her beauty. He even once asked to play in one of Hollywood movie production, as well as for wide-screen film and Sinetron in Jakarta. Myriad accomplishments and beauty also makes Azzam, Eliana put hearts in Eliana. But Azzam frustrated closer relationship with Eliana, because in addition to nature and life a little contrary to Azzam, as well as advice from Mr Ali, Embassy driver who was very close to the family Eliana.

What is said Mr Ali is ringing in his mind, that there was a girl who is more suited to Azzam. Azzam advised to hurry mengkhitbah (apply) a student who is not less pretty smart with Eliana. He named Anna Althafunnisa, S-1 from Kuliyyatul Banaat in Alexandria and was taking S-2 in Kuliyyatul Banaat Al Azhar - Cairo, who also mastered English, Arabic and Mandarin. according to Mr. Ali, the excess of Eliana Anna is that she wear the hijab and sholehah, his father was a boarding named Kiai Kiai Luthfi Hakim.

There is a desire to menghkhitbah Azzam Khaerul Anna even though she had never met or seen her. Because no cost to return to Indonesia, Mr Ali advised to apply through an uncle who was in Cairo, namely Ustadz Mujab, where Azzam ustadz already very familiar with it. With full intentions he had come to ustadz mengkhitbah Anna Mujab to Althafunnisa. But the proposal was rejected on the basis of status. Because the
S-1 Azzam is not well done, and better known for selling tempeh and baso. In addition, Anna has dikhitbah first by a man who instead is Furqon, Azzam friend who was also a student from a wealthy family who is also intelligent in the near future which will complete its S-2.

Azzam could accept that reason, though his heart is sore.

But then Furqon a devastating calamity that expectations of his life. This dilemma facing him he had to stay between married Anna, who has dikhitbahnya, but it also will be able to destroy both her life.

Ayyatul Husna Meanwhile, Azzam's brother who often send news from home, bringing news of it fairly easy for the heart Azzam. In order Azzam no longer need to send money to the village and more concentrated complete college. Because besides Husna has graduated from college in the UNS, he also has worked as a psychologist. Husna expertise in writing is bearing fruit. Husna income sufficient to finance the needs of his brother who took D-3 programs, and bontotnya sister named Sarah who was still at boarding mondok.

Azzam, who had missed with his family decided to seriously study, until finally managed to graduate. Azzam had kept his promise to his family to return to the kampung, and soon find there soul mate, meet the mandate of his mother. Occurred despite the fact still remains little hope of getting her heart.

Is it possible Azzam will be paired with Anna? Or real Eliana also still curious about the Azzam? Or Azzam had found her moorings in Indonesia? ..

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