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Get Married 2 (2009)

Title : Get Married 2
Director : Hanung Bramantyo
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Nirina Zubir, Nino Fernandez, Aming Sugandhi, Ringgo Agus Rahman, Deddy Mahendra Desta
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Synopsis :
Two years ago, precisely on Lebaran 2007, GET MARRIED successfully entertain the audience. Now, before the Lebaran holiday 2009, sequel to the title was released 2 GET MARRIED. Do not worry, for you who have not had time to watch his first movie, you can still follow the storyline of this sequel, because the story had made its own.
Beginning with the story of Mae's marriage aka Maemunah (Nirina Zubir) with Rendy (Nino Fernandez) that has lasted 4 years, but still no children. And three friends wedding Mae, Guntoro (Desta Club Eighties), Beni (Ringgo Agus Rahman) and Eman (Aming) has been blessed with children. This is exacerbated by Rendy busy with his work, which makes Mae was not observed.
Mae wanted to celebrate the birthday of her marriage, a party. Unfortunately Rendy could not even attend. Plus, see Rendy Mae kiss Vivi (Marissa Nasution). Seeing this, the angry Mae decided to go home to his parents' house, Babe Mardi (Jaja Miharja) and Bu Mardi (Meriam Belina). Rendy was followed. But not that easy. Both parents agreed Mae if they split up, except Rendy able to give offspring. That is the condition of Mardi Babe. Rendy finally stay at home parents Mae.
Business Rendy after attempts were made in order to impregnate his wife. Started drinking herbal medicine, often holding the baby is done. But the results still do not visible. On the other hand, he again urged to have children, if not Rendy be divorced. Do not want to lose Mae, Rendy mother for help (Ira Wibowo). Rather than successful, this effort to make the atmosphere even more heated, because the mothers take their lawyers (Ruhut Sitompul).
Not unexpectedly, Mae finally pregnant. Knowing this, the friends request Rendy Mae, et al Guntoro the Mae married since worked at the company Rendy, to keep his wife 24 hours, because the Babe forbid Mardi met Rendy Mae. Silliness for silliness three friends this happened. Begin to meet the demand of the cravings Mae, replacing Mae for pregnancy exercise because Mae lazy, until the middle of the night to come to the house merely adjusting Mae Mae pillow.

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