Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Tarix Jabrix 2 (2009)

Title : The Tarix Jabrix 2
Director : Iqbal Rais
Genre : Comedy
Cast : The Changcuters, Windi Agustina, Joanna A
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Synopsis :
The Tarix Jabrix is a group of young kids who consisted of Worms (Tria Artist), Mulder (Dipa Hidalgo), Dadang (Erick Hidalgo), Ciko (Alda Artist) and Throckmorton (Qibil Hidalgo) has completed high school. Because a university that makes them separate, they finally agreed to study together in Jakarta.

In Jakarta they rent housing and living together. Do not forget they also carry motors their favorite. Initially they got surprised with life in Jakarta. Residents of Jakarta have too busy and individualistic, thus less sensitive to other environments. They were also surprised when see the pollution and traffic jams became a common thing for the citizens of Jakarta.

One time, Worm The Tarix Jabrix proposed to be a gang car. Worm reasoned, Jakarta has not comfortable to ride motorcycles because of the number of milling motors on the road, the heat and pollution. Argument occurred between the worm and Mulder, but Mulder Dadang support that the Tarix Jabrix the motorcycle gang, and Dadang itself raise their hands if there is a problem with the car.

Worms, and Throckmorton Ciko continue its motors sold their beloved to be replaced by a car.

Throckmorton Ciko and now has a girlfriend, both twins, named Laura (Winda Agustini Princess) and Lili (Windi Agustina Princess). These twin girls have a friend, his name Milinka (Joanna Alexandra) figure of a girl who beautiful, graceful and blue-blooded. Heart worm fell at first sight.

Meanwhile, because of different principles, Mulder broke away from the worm, Ciko and Throckmorton. Without knowledge of his friends, Mulder involved a wild race. This is contrary to the oath of the Tarix Jabrix. Laura and Lily's parents to inform them that Donadoni (Umay Shahab), sister Laura and Lili, had been abducted while home from school. This case is emerging in the metropolitan area, do elementary school child abduction becomes a shortcut to get the ransom money. Worms, Ciko & Throckmorton offers themselves to help. As The Tarix Jabrix adventure-hungry, they tried to collect information and conduct investigations, to bring The Tarix Jabrix on a wild race arena. Arena Mulder is often faced with a racer named Valent (Ramon Jusuf Tungka), and a mysterious racer who never removed his helmet and always beat him, known as the Night Warrior.

Is The Tarix Jabrix Donadoni can save and return to their parents? Also Mulder returns to the right path, the way of The Tarix Jabrix?

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