Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Preman In Love (2009)

Title : Preman In Love
Director : Rako Prijanto
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Tora Sudiro, Vincent R Rompies, Fanny F
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Synopsis :
Sahroni (Tora Sudiro), Demolong village thugs who fell in love with Rini (Fanny Fabriana), son of Mr. lurahs (Marwoto). Yet his own village elder Mr. Rini to match the chosen man, that is, Raden Mas Pono (Vincent Rompies). Finally pack ravine decided, anyone who can be a ravine as a substitute for his future, it will be wed with Rini.

Competition between Sahroni and Pono began. Sahroni changed 180 degrees, no longer a bully who hated society. Pono is not afraid to get Rini, desperately grabbed the attention of the villagers. Feeling not enough, Pono had requested the help of a powerful shaman, Heri (Den Baguse Ngarso).

Arrive at election day, vote counting was done. Pono was thin ahead of Sahroni, it was because Pono cheating bribing election officials. Although heartbroken, Sahroni tetep accept the election results. Rini who secretly have fallen in Sahroni who do not want to marry with Pono. So Midodareni night, he escaped. When run, Barbie actually has his own plan, which is unmasked Pono. He trapped one Pono accomplice would be a witness to cheating boss.

Finally, calculations were carried out repeated sounds. And this time superior Sahroni Pono.
Wedding Sahroni Rini and prepared immediately. Pono who do not accept defeat a thug, plus self-esteem as a descendant of 'Raden Mas', make it do everything they can to disrupt the wedding and Sahroni Rini.

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