Tuesday, December 29, 2009

King (2009)

Title : King
Director : Ari Sihasale
Genre : Drama | Family | Sport
Cast : Rangga Raditya, Lucky Martin, Mamiek Prakoso
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Synopsis :
King talked about the struggle and the journey of a 12-year-old boy named Thunder in the achieve his goal to become a badminton champion, as he and his father's idol: Liem Swie King ... Father Thunder is a commentator badminton match between villagers who also worked as a collecting feathers, materials for making shuttlecock. He was very loved badminton and he contagious enthusiasm and passion was in Guntur, though he himself could not be a Badminton champions Hearing his father's story about the "KING" the idol, Guntur was determined to be a world champion.

With all the limitations and constraints in front of him, as a loyal friend, Raden was always trying to help the Thunder, although sometimes the help is very often Raden to dificulties.

But with the high spirit tirelessly, and the heavy sacrifices that must be done, Thunder ceaselessly fought for and won a scholarship badminton ideals badminton world champion and the pride of the pride of the family INDONESIA like ... Liem Swie King.

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