Thursday, November 5, 2009

Terowongan Rumah Sakit (2009)

Title : Terowongan Rumah Sakit
Director : Helfi C.H. Kardit
Genre : Horror
Cast : Rifky Balweel, Sarah Shafitri
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Synopsis :
Two weeks already Dinar treated in the hospital on the advice of his parents because of asthma, and during that time he also haunted by strange happenings and scary. Dinar increasingly sad because his parents never came to visit. His father was busy overseas and lazy to visit his mother.

Akila and Ben only loyal accompany lonely days Dinar. But that did not last long. They often see the long-haired woman with sharp eyes and hugging the body on top of Dinar. The incident made Akila and Ben shocked and reluctant to accompany Dinar again. Scary ghost girl was very similar to the image of a mysterious woman who often told to Ben Dinar and Akila. They had ignored Dinar story about a young
woman's mysterious appearance at the Tunnel's Hospital. But now, Dinar, Ben and Akila started thinking about what really happened? And who the ghost girl? Why do ghosts always held Dinar when night falls?

Is there is any connection with the parents who send Dinar Dinar to the hospital but was reluctant to visit? Will silence nan Hospital Tunnel concentrated able to answer all the horrors Dinar?

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