Monday, November 2, 2009

Susuk Pocong (2009)

Title : Susuk Pocong
Director : Findo Purwono/Saptadji
Genre : Horror
Cast : Andi Soraya, Dewi Perssik, Restu Sinaga, Angel Lelga, Yadi Sembako
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Synopsis :

Asti decided to install the implant after discovering her husband has married again Rako with Donna.

But the shaman at Asti suggested that the most terrible implant is implant of people who have single entity. And the healer told that Donna is one of the patients who had put her implant.
Soon after Donna was found dead after falling from the eighth floor apartment. Asti was immediately asked the driver, Asmo, the naive, to take the implant Donna. Asmo with his wife, Milah, the matre, Zul and his best friend, who always took advantage of every opportunity, soon to dig the grave Donna.

Donna's body but it has disappeared. Body is said anyone who still has dibadannya implant, so he will not be accepted with the afterlife just like that, and now Donna's wandering, looking for someone who can let go susuknya and revenge against those who had pushed him down

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Credited to barrock


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