Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Queen Bee (2009)

Title : Queen Bee
Director : Fajar Nugros
Genre : Drama
Cast : Tika Putri, Oka Antara, Mathias Muchus, Jajang C. Noer
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Synopsis :
Queenita Siregar, 17 years old girl who smart, stylish and independent. Her life as a teenager walking many, so when her life became more complicated, when her father was elected as one of the presidential candidates.

The existence of the security apparatus according to the protocol family escort the candidate to make life Queen unfettered. Added the Queen's dislike to one of the new forces that complicate the relationship with the young Queen she likes.

Yet the simple truth Queen desires. He just wanted his father treated him as a girl who was old enough to determine the attitude. While his father was still considered the Queen of a little girl who can not quite believe, that he felt the Queen was given a first course facilities.

Follow the Queen Bee journey to find the definition of the importance of the new trust. Because the only belief that can make life better.

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