Sunday, November 1, 2009

Benci Disko (2009)

Title : Benci Disko
Director : Rako Prijanto
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Tora Sudiro, Vincent Ryan Rompies, Arie K. Untung, Denny Malik, Poppy Sovia
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Synopsis :
Hamdan (Denny Malik), disco and good guys who katro worshiped in her neighborhood had to marry because JUBAEDAH and LUSI trigger-pregnant. Basic geblek, these two wives in the alley adjacent dikontrakin Rabbit. Nine months later was born two sons each from Jubaedah called Harim (Tora Sudiro) and Louise called SETIAWAN (Vincent Club80s). Their lives even more chaotic because there is no day without a quarrel between them.

Ten years have passed since Hamdan left his family and fled with the woman and her daughter fat Harti.

Harim now become a sailor who had sailed for five years and never came home while Setiawan changed its name to Setiawanti. Day Harim and Setiawan go to the hospital because Hamdan would give her will before she died. But it is not inherited but rather an obligation that they receive because Hamdan left Harti (Poppy Sofia) to match them to look for a rich man who was just going to marry a good guy disco. Harim and the oath Setiawan die "hate disco" would not want to comply because the trapped Harti choice fell to a disco classic good guy named HERMAN AMIR (Ari Lucky) who turned out to students AHMAD Hamdan Khalid sworn enemies. Will Harim and managed to meet the demand setiawan Harti and also restore the good name of Hamdan's family ...?

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Credited to barrock


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