Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarang Kuntilanak (2008)

Title : Sarang Kuntilanak
Director : Ian Jacobs
Genre : Horror
Cast : Ayu Andhika,Ikbal Azhari,Zidni Adam Zawas
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Synopsis :
Norman, Martha, Vero and Willy is a group of students who are interested in making a documentary, for their coursework. They documented a mysterious isolated hamlet of Hamlet KALIMATI. Once, all the villagers were found brutally killed during the past 20 years. The reasons were never clear. But villagers believe that Hamlet has been hit by the curse KALIMATI by Kanjeng Nyai Roro Kidul

Vivian, a professor who taught at the Norman campus and his friends, forbade them to go to Hamlet KALIMATI because worrying about their safety. But they insist Many strange things happened there, until finally they decided to go home because the documentation of these hamlets is more than enough. Before leaving, Vero secretly took a necklace that she found in the lake water clarity Arriving in the city, Norman and the other one by one experienced supernatural events. Tensions came each time from different directions. Sad surprise was to be borne by Martha Daniels as the real figure is soul. The only way to stop terror is to return the magical necklace Vero taken back into place and they are looking for right now is safety, or ... who seek their death!

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