Wednesday, October 7, 2009

In a Spiral State (2009)

Title : In a Spiral State
Director : Ramzi Abed
Genre : Drama | Horror | Mystery | Romance | Sci-Fi
Cast : Julie Fine,Ofri Fuchs,Adam Meir
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Synopsis :
In the city of Los Angeles, millions of lives intersect everyday, but each individual is still isolated from the whole. A number of strange incidents occur to four men and four women, just as their own lives begin to spiral out of control. Surrounded by con artists, frauds, drug addicts, and homeless people, a story starts to form in a screenwriter's head. Little does he know, his characters seem to have come to life as well. Things takes a surprise turn, as these LA residents find themselves locked into a mystery together. While relating to quantum mechanics, our own spiral galaxy, and the struggle of human existence, an urban love story grows out of the vine of disconnection.

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