Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Covenant (2006)

Title : The Covenant
Director : Renny Harlin
Genre : Action | Horror | Thriller
Cast : Steven Strait,Laura Ramsey,Toby Hemingway
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Synopsis :
when a new kid by the name of chase collins, tranfers into the elite Spencer Accademy, 4 boys get suspious. the four boys are what people call the sons of ipswitch. they were 4 of the origional 5 families to coloinize ipswitch. the 5th, is said to have been killed during the salem witch hunts. when the 4 boys, caleb, pogue, reid and, tyler, befriend chase, weird things start to happen. it turns out
that chase is a desentant of the 5th blood line, and "one of them". we find out that the reason that chase is here, it to get the other members of the covenant's powers. by having them "will it" to him.

on caleb's birthday, caleb and chase get into a fight to the death. caleb ends up killing chase (or so we think). chase gets thrown into a fire and his body is never found, so the boys assume that he is dead, saving himself, the covenant, and all of their loved ones.

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