Thursday, October 8, 2009

CaPres a.k.a Calo Presiden (2009)

Title : CaPres a.k.a Calo Presiden
Director : Toto Hoedi
Genre : Comedy | Drama
Cast : Dwi Sasono,Happy Salma,Cathrine Wilson,Denny Chandra,Butet Kertaradjasa,Kelik Pelipur Lara,Remy Sylado,Sujiwo Tejo
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Synopsis :
Starting from an arrest by the Commission which resulted in the arrest of a political party leader who ran as presidential candidate. Finally they decided to find someone who can be stuffed with nuts and criteria unreasonable they are looking for leaders who can be just as a bait and their means of making a profit with the criteria innocent.

Until they find an office administrative staff and innocent employees would be appointed as the office with a salary of 2 million five hundred, he's very happy, with a very easy task.
Problems arise when the feelings and conscience began to ask, is it true what he did, because he saw blatant crime do the same at his friends in the party. Finally the truth prevail, but there is a threat at the time wanted inaugurated as president.
Honesty is never true in politics, because politics is never going to be honest.

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