Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tri Mas Getir (2008)

Title : Tri Mas Getir
Director : Rako Prijanto
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Tora Sudiro,Indra Birowo,Vincent Ryan Rompies
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Synopsis :
Ciang Pek (Tora Sudiro) still living together and he inherited his grandpa college kungfu / Wushu.

Sugeng (Indra Birowo) got a fat wife Susi who "faced the devil but as good as sticky stuff", Ujang (Vincent Club 80's) father's restaurant business is successful and has a dream to get married with Katrina Katrodipuro (Titi Kamal), a famous movie star and beautiful. They were three friends work as extras and are idolized Katrina
Sugeng and Ujang is wushu's college students engkong Ciang Pek. On a day engkong Ciang Pek died.

Burial by night, came a mafia kingpin named Munar Sapawi (Tino Sarunggalo) who want to collect the debt Enkong Rp.200 million and threatened to confiscate wushu college can not pay off if the debt is In desperation, Sugeng propose a solution that silly and stupid ... Kidnap Katrina! To run the plan, Sugeng back to borrow money to buy Munar Sapawi tools required. But they are wrong kidnapped. They kidnap is Fatima (Cut Mini), film star whose name has faded. Rice has become mush trio kept asking for a ransom to the Star Joni (Robby Tumewu) the producer, to atone for Fatima. Joni Star and was refused because Fatima was not sold ...

Will this mas-mas can solve their problems and all this complexity?

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Credited to r083rt


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