Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tiren : Mati Kemaren (2008)

Title : Tiren : Mati Kemaren
Director : Emil G. Hampp
Genre : Horror
Cast : Dewi Perssik,Baron Hermanto,Aldiansyah Taher
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Synopsis :
Ranti (Dewi Persik) found lifeless. Her death made her furious father, Hendra (Baron Hermanto).

Revenge filled Hendra, he deliberately tying Ranti pocong when buried.

Ranti spirits were wandering in the form of pocong. But Ranti occasionally present with his form as a human being still alive at the time. Leo (Renee The) became the first to start haunted Ranti. During his life, Leo is a lover Ranti. Beautiful woman loved sincerely Leo.

Unfortunately, Leo betrayed. Ranti Leo was never caught making out with a woman named Maya (Deriell Jaqueline). This issue was brought dead Ranti. He also demanded the return of Maya had been ringed with Reno (Aldi Taher).

Ranti want Maya to feel what if someone she loved taken away most people. Reno, who did not know nothing about the affair his wife had helped a victim. But who actually took Maya to the death?

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