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Tali Pocong Perawan (2008)

Title : Tali Pocong Perawan
Director : Arie Azis
Genre : Horror
Cast : Dewi Perssik,Ramon Y. Tungka,Ibnu Jamil
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Synopsis :
The film starts from a campus. Suddenly there was noise, it was a university student was found hanging himself.

The next scene tells of two brothers, Nino (Ramon) and Aldo (Ibnu Jamil). Nino is a weird guy, looking a bit strange. Not like Aldo, his brother who is more fashionable and flexible. No wonder, it is easy for Aldo to hook the girl he wanted. Includes a beautiful girl named Virnie (Dewi Persik). Nino's strange behavior was also very fond Virnie. Nino often peeped them at home. Until the peak, Nino has the intention to seize Virnie from his own brother.

Based on information obtained from the Internet, Nino found the theory "pocong rope virgin", where the rope has the power to attract a woman's heart. How to get anything unusual, to dig the grave of the maiden who died with his hands. Then, take the rope with his mouth shroud.

His love for Nino to Virnie makes him unable to think clearly again. Looking for new virgin died. After getting a rope pocong virgin, then strap it on and soak the water will be given to Virnie.

But Nino efforts failed because a glass of water soaking the rope virgin pocong spill. Then Nino actually being chased by pocong who want the return pocongs rope. Nino eventually died after falling from the top floor of a hospital because of being chased by the pocong.

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