Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pijat Atas Tekan Bawah (2009)

Title : Pijat Atas Tekan Bawah
Director : K.K. Dheerajey
Genre : Comedy | Adult
Cast : Saipul jamil, Ruben Onsu, Kiki Fatmala, Pelia, Narji Cagur, Wendy Cagur, Denny Cagur, Tata Dado, Ratih, Adam Farel
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Synopsis :
Started from two people eksmud that lived in the metropolitan Jakarta city and wanted lived in a luxurious house in the Southern Jakarta region. Garry (29 years) that worked as teraphy pijit and Barry (26 years) worked as the photographer, they wanted lived in the house Tante Titi.

With great difficulty they persuaded tantae Walk On to could live in in his house and finally they were successful. The conflict this story in headed with them was acquainted with Hanny (27) the year) that worked as Public Relation in one of Oil Company. The friendship and the love then began to be established among the three of them.

To finally Samuel's arrival (35 years) togethered with his child, Sammy (7 years) in the Hanny life made Garry & Barry do several matters that really were not expected. All of them became chaotic where Samuel more chose his child than his love.

How his continuation, could be seen in scenario this film? Wouldn't they become friends again? Who that Hanny Choose? How Perasaan Sammy towards all of them?

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