Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Jagad X Code (2009)

Title : Jagad X Code
Director : Herwin Novianto
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Ringgo Agus Rahman,Mario Irwiensyah,Opi Bachtiar,Tika Putri
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Synopsis :
Three of the young unemployed who lived in the village Kali Code Yogyakarta. They Jagad (Ringgo Agus Rahman), Bayu (Mario Irwiensyah) and Gareng (Opie Bahtiar) attempt to realize their desires. Jagad want to buy a washing machine for his mother, Bayu want to have their own location selling books and magazines, while Gareng want to create a small salon Menik this brother.

Desires to hit the fund. Smth They do not have a permanent job. However, a meeting that is not intentionally with civilian leaders called Semsar (Tio Pakusadewo) as if all will be changed. They promised the money will get as much as thirty million if able to find an object called a flash. But as the gap tehnologi, smth they do not know what it is to flash. Even when they tried to ask the people around them. No one understands what it flasdisk. When the flash is found, then they understand why a small object is sought by many parties.

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