Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Garuda di Dadaku (2009)

Title : Garuda di Dadaku
Director : Ifa Isfansyah
Genre : Drama
Cast : Emir Mahira,Aldo Tansani,Marsha Aruan,Ikranagara,Maudy Kusnaedi
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Synopsis :
Story Bayu (Emir Mahira), in pursuit of his dream was elected as the national U13 player was challenged hard by her grandfather Usman (Ikranegara)., By reason of the death trauma Bayu father who was also a football player.

Usman's grandfather used all reasonable to Bayu not have time to play ball. All sorts of lessons from music, painting, until the school is registered for the Bayu. However, each day with enthusiasm, Bayu dribbling down the alleyways around his home as he had to dribble the ball up to the badminton court and his own practice there.

Heri, friends Bayu very confident in the ability and talent Bayu. He is a motivator and 'coach' who convinced Bayu smart to want to participate in team selection for the National U-13 which will represent Indonesia compete in the international arena. But the grandfather Bayu, Bayu strongly opposed because of her dream to be a football player is identical to live in poverty and have no future.

Not a place to practice would not be a constraint. Which identified the grave as a place haunted transformed into a nice gym. Assisted by a new friend named Zahra mysterious, Bayu and Heri should look for a variety of reasons for Bayu can continue to practice football. But the obstacles faced by barriers continue Bayu dream.

But a lie is a lie by Bayu, eventually known by his grandfather. The kakekpun had a heart attack because of it.

Is Bayu would continue all dream of playing football?

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