Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anda Puas Saya Loyo (2008)

Title : Anda Puas Saya Loyo
Director : K.K. Dheeraj
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Andi Soraya,Komeng,Ruben Onsu,Bowby Tince,Bedu,Sandy Tumiwa,Ryan Syehan,Mastur,Leila Sari,Yeyen Lydia,Untung Blancon,Dudung Hayo
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Synopsis :
In a village lived a prominent family, Mr. Wagiman (Mastur) who have children, Inem (Yeyen) and Tarjin (Bedu). Conflict by the conflict began to emerge when Inem want paired with a child family Dono (Dudung Hayo) but a mess!

Inem finally to Jakarta, Susy (Bowby Tince) best friend accidentally also to Jakarta. They lived together Pak'le Bagio (Fortunately Blancon) with his friends, Vishnu (Sandy Tumiwa) and Rendra (Ryan Syehan). Shortly Jakarta, Tarjin and friends Bejah (Ruben Onsu) in the village invited Kang Cut (Komeng) to Jakarta to work in a rich widow Madame Tetty Qadi Pinky (Andi Soraya), which has a motto of customer satisfaction no 1

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