Thursday, September 3, 2009

Anak Setan (2009)

Title : Anak Setan
Director : Allo Geaffary
Genre : Horror
Cast : Ringgo Agus Rahman, Indri Satiya, Jill Gradys, Alex Komang, Marini Burhan, Mieke Amalia. Gading Marten
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Synopsis :
Gabrielle (Jill Gladys), women with independent firm and just rule a mental hospital. Gabrielle disillusioned with the hospital that is not maintained and eventually make changes to improve the condition of the hospital
One day Gabrielle accidentally discover a secret that hide in the hospital by that. A daughter named Stella (Indri Satiya) dipasung by former director of the hospital, before Gabrielle. Gabrielle ago to save the children from the distressing situation

Gabrielle contact named Panji (Ringgo Agus Rahman), his former lovers, to help him make Stella normal again. Pennon strange to see a sign that Gabrielle is a sign of birth. Gabrielle Panji and then do an investigation together to investigate the origin of strange signs and Stella in the neck
Who is Stella and the actual sign is the sign of birth or not?

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