Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ada Kamu, Aku Ada (2008)

Title : Ada Kamu, Aku Ada
Director : Rizal Mantovani
Genre : Drama
Cast : Bunga Citra Lestari,Andhika Pratama,Rama Michael
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Synopsis :
Hate your friends
Love your Enemy

If you know what love is
You know what I want

Stella, a beautiful girl opted sister, Trisha, lectures in Jakarta. Stella's relationship with Damian, the crown prince's family Guntara, cool, and that exist in the arena slang Jakarta. As a boyfriend Damian, Stella is the 'star' in each party among sophisticated. Especially when Stella was frustated with a messy family life, This makes Stella revolted by dissolving themselves in the lifestyle Damian, Damian though often deceive themselves.

One day Stella met with Elang, a powerful guitarist who was helping the album Chita, beloved friend Yudha. The meeting place for the meeting and they eventually fell in love. Elang agreed that he became the 'second' for Stella.

Damian was angry after discovering the proximity Elang and Stella. Damian do anything to alienate them. And finally, Elang decided to leave Stella. But Elang made Stella's departure to wonder if he really wanted in life? Are there late in love?

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