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3 Do'a 3 Cinta (2008)

Title : 3 Do'a 3 Cinta
Director : Nurman Hakim
Genre : Drama
Cast : Dian Sastrowardoyo, nicholas saputra, Yoga Pratama, Yoga Bagus
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Synopsis :
This story of three friends, Huda, Rian and Shahid, three teenagers who lived in a boarding school in a small town located in Central Java. They have a plan in their lives each after graduating from boarding school and high school for another month. They have a secret location, an old wall at the back of boarding school, where they write their wishes on the wall. Until a change their life situation

Huda (Nicholas Saputra), wants to find his mother who was said to be somewhere in Jakarta. Huda met with Dona Satellite (Dian Sastrowardoyo) a beginner dangdut singer who is very sexy when on stage and became obsessed with famous stars in Jakarta. Among them planted the seeds of romance

Rian (Yoga Pratama) students from a large city. He got a gift from her mother camcorders at his birthday. The Company markets, especially the night that happened to step on the screen was stopped in the village make more obsessive Rian kamera.Rian father wanted to continue efforts

Martyr (Yoga Great), came from poor families. His father was seriously ill. Shahid planning something big in his life that will give effect to the other two

How's life and the three of them materialize all their dreams and hopes they had written in the secret place?

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