Saturday, August 15, 2009

Wakil Rakyat (2009)

Title : Wakil Rakyat
Director : Monty Tiwa
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Tora Sudiro,Revalina S. Temat,
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Synopsis :
Bagyo (Tora Sudiro) allegedly harass Conggress event a big party leaders Zainuddin (Joe P Project). Because the incidence Bagyo have lost their jobs. Musing that plan with marriage Ani (Revalina S. Temat) threatened canceled. What else Abdul (Jaja Mihardja), Ani's father is not like it. Bagyo forced to find ways to realize the dream together with Ani

Are a set of hijacker hijack a famous artist, Atika (Wiwid Gunawan). Action because it failed Bagyo suddenly appear and chastise them. Atika escape from danger.

Bagyo told as a heroes. His name focus so directly on the various national and local media. Fame Bagyo used by a political party on board to support mass. Bagyo persuate by the head of the party, Wibowo (Tarzan) and assistants, Dani (Dwi Sasono). Accompanied former child fruit called squint (Vincent Rompies) He is leaving for campaigning in Wadasrejo, a remote area that people live well short of.

In fact Wadasrejo community not know at all. Bagyo should look for a way to introduce oneself and interesting fellow citizens. Bagyo find the fact that more important than big names and the popularity. The villagers know what more they need the most.

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