Monday, August 17, 2009

Tarzan ke kota (2009)

Title : Tarzan ke kota
Director : Reka Wijaya
Genre : Comedy
Cast : Sandra Dewi,Ajul Jiung,H.I.M. Damsyik
See :Trailler

Synopsis :
Ratna (Sandra Dewi) is kidnapped by Arde (Vincent Rompies) and then sent into a cave. Inside the cave Ratna met a primitive guy, Tarzan (Ajul Jiung). Tarzan is one nice guy and very soon they get along until they become best of friends. Ratna even permits Tarzan to send her back to the city.

While in the city Tarzan has difficulties to adapt to city life. Ratna teaches Tarzan on how to dress properly as a gentleman, good mannerism and how to speak proper English. Arde then found out and manipulates Tarzan for personal profit. He deceives Tarzan to bring his jungle animal friends to the city to be sold as cosmetics products.

Once the animals found out the truth they started to hate Tarzan; he has no choice but to seek revenge against Arde...

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