Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sumpah (Ini) Pocong (2009)

Title : Sumpah (ini) Pocong
Director : Helfi Ch Kardit
Genre : Comedy | Horror
Cast : Julia Perez, Jarwo Kwat, Aming, Udji Tongky, Marlon Renaldi
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Synopsis :
Sugandhi (Jarwo Kwat), official public that had ambitions to maintain his term of office for his two times. All the enemies of politics apparently could have been controlled. He the optimist gained the future, all the methods were permitted.

His wife, Nani (Julia Perez) engrosseded in enjoying the role as the wife of the number one person. He always maintained fitness with handsome instructor's directive Fahmi (Great Udijana) that secretly he estimated to be made young sweetest.

One day made accusation of improper behaviour threatened Sugandhi authority eternity. At the suggestion of his spiritual adviser, Ki Bolon, Sugandhi dared to carry out the oath pocong to maintain the image and his authority eternity. His assistant who was loyal, Tatang (Udji Tonki) with efficient brought shroud. His problem the shroud belonging to a resident (Aming) that was not willing must be
buried with Tatang's sarong. The pocong used sarong that afterwards demanded replied. Not only in Tatang but also Nani and Sugandhi.

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