Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Real Pocong (2009)

Title : The Real Pocong
Director : Hanny Saputra
Genre : Horror
Cast : Nabila Syakieb,Ashraf Sinclair,Sakinah Dava Erawan,Kinaryosih
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Synopsis :
Ivan (Ashraf Siclair) and Rini (nabila Syakieb) have a beautiful child, Laura. Eventually have their own home, after so long contracted home. However, since you first set foot in the house, Laura is always fear and feel something is wrong. Rini though Laura did not like the house, but Ivan think Laura need time to adjust.

Cats are mysterious arrival found Laura mysterious cat can make Laura feel comfortable terror forgotten him. Sleep until also hear Laura chantey sleep that is not normal sang by Rini. Laura ensure libretto is in the same morning Rini, Rini denied. Rini began to believe there is something different in the self-Laura

Rini at the top of fear and became very angry at that Ivan does not explain about the home they purchase. Ivan was finally says something to know if that ever happens first. Since the incident is also the home never inhabited again

Laura lost. Rini consider the loss of Laura because unseen problems, but the Laura Ivan rapt. Ivan went to report to police. When Ivan went, Rini Paranormal call to find Laura. But even the Paranormal also not able to fight the power hidden in the house.

Is Ivan Rini and children can find them again and happy life? ..

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