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Push (2009)

Title : Push
Director : Paul McGuigan
Genre : Action | Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Cast : Chris Evans,Camilla Belle,Dakota Fanning
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Synopsis :
Ten years ago, a young boy named Nick Gant is running through a motel with his father(Joel Gretsch).

They pass a maid and after a glance at her wristwatch, hurriedly enter a room. Nick's father tells him that one day a girl will give him a flower and that he needs to help her, explaining "help her, help us all." Nick doesn't understand, but his father just apologizes, and says "I always said you were special, turns out I was right." He hugs Nick and then telekinetically shoves him through the wall just before a team of agents (led by the maid) burst in and subdues him while Nick watches. The head gent, Henry Carver (Djimon Hounsou), enters the room and a concussive force rips through the room, resulting in the dad's body flying out. Carver emerges, saying, "What a waste," and orders the body to be packaged for dissection.

During the opening credits, we get a crash course in the history of the world, narrated by Cassie Holmes (Dakota Fanning). In 1945, Hitler and his Nazis were using experiments on people who were born with special abilities to create an ultra-powerful army. However, the war end put a stop to this. What it didn't stop was other countries finding out and setting up their own branches, or divisions.

Watchers, for example, are able to see the future in quick flashes and scenes. Movers can move objects and people with their minds. Pushers, on the other hand, can "push" people into believing that certain things are or aren't true (like hypnosis). Bleeders emit high-pitched sonic screams that make ears bleed, while Stitches can disassemble or reassemble any scar tissue. Sniffs can take any object and get a history of where it's been in relation to its owner, while Wipers can erase any amount of a persons memory. There are also Shifters; people who make objects appear to be something else (like illusionists, only more realistic), and Shadows, people whose ability is basically to block the effectiveness of other clairvoyants (the Sniffers, mainly). Cassie herself is a second-generation watcher, and although she can know the future, she says that the only thing to know for sure about it is that it's always changing.

Today, in a government facility somewhere, we see a girl (Camilla Belle) being injected with some substance while Carver, now a little gray around the bald spots, looks on worriedly. A nurse holding a woman passes him and drops a pearl, which goes rolling through the facility, bouncing off walls and closing doors on its way to somewhere. The girl dies on the table, but before she can be disconnected, her heart starts again and she is soon moving fast, breaking out of the facility while Carver stares in awe. He shouts at "Kira" to stop, but she naturally doesn't listen. She makes for the exit, which is just barely held open by the dropped pearl, and escapes while Carver and his man Victor (Neil Jackson) discuss the fact that Kira is the first to survive the injection and that they need to get her back pronto, leading Carver to order all Watchers and Sniffers in the country to full alert.

Two days later, we see the now fully-grown Nick (Chris Evans) waking up in his Hong Kong apartment.
After some finger-flexing and moving-practice, he practices making a trio of dice land on what he wants them to. Satisfied, he heads down to the park and does a little betting, but when push comes to shove, he chokes and has to flee from the guys he now owes six thousand dollars to. Back at his apartment, Nick is about to go in when two sniffer agents, Mack (Corey Stoll) and Holden (Scott Michael Campbell), show up and "invite" themselves "in." They go through his apartment touching things to get an idea of where he's been and if he's seen "the girl", but after finding that he hasn't they warn him not to do anything stupid like moving (the place-to-place kind). Naturally, he starts gathering stuff up when the phone rings. He answers it and hears Cassie, who tells him to let her in just as a knock sounds on the door. He opens it and sees Cassie, who beelines for the chicken she knows is in the fridge and tells him about a case they need to find that could bring the company down and net them about six million dollars. They move their conversation to a shrimp market near the docks, where Nick also finds out that Cassie, who admits to getting things wrong sometimes, since the future can change just by knowing about it, draws what she sees in a sketchbook that used to belong to her mother who is now captured by the Division (got all that?). Nick shrugs and tries to walk away but is cut off by the arrival of another Watcher (Xiao Lu Li, who is credited as Pop Girl so that's what she'll be known as) and her Bleeder brothers. After a lengthy chase through the market, the brothers eventually corner them in front of a tank that contains some piranhas or a similar-looking fish. They break the tank and almost scream Nick to death, but PG stops them, saying that if they kill him they won't find Cassie, who got away in the ruckus. As this is all going on, we see Kira waking up on a boat not far from the docks (and the gods of irony laugh). She looks around and sees a mirror that has "Nick 4100" written on it in some kind of red paint. A lipstick container and a key are both in front of the mirror and she picks the lipstick up and writes "Nick" on the mirror, and she sees that both the writing and the color are the same, meaning that she wrote the note, although she doesn't remember when or why.

Later, on the mainland, Cassie is drawing in a doorway and eventually gets a lead on where Nick is. She heads there and finds Nick being "cared for" by a Stitch named Teresa (Maggie Siff). She painfully repairs Nick's back and warns them not to cross the division. She leaves and Cassie wakes Nick up with a flower she picked out of a vase in the lobby. She and Nick talk, and Nick tells her that there might be someone they could use and that he's in. She nods and then shows him her latest drawing.... her and Nick dead. Meanwhile, Kira is walking down a sidewalk somewhere when Mack and Holden surprise her.

They capture her and start taking her back to Division headquarters when Kira starts trying to push Mac. He turns in his seat and tells her to stop, and then she's complaining about needing to use the bathroom. The agents sigh and stop at a rest stop and while Holden gets a coffee Mack escorts Kira into the bathroom. She "PUSHes" him by telling him that he's a good man, even though his brother was killed and that he knows who did it, and pretty soon he's gone out and killed Holden for revenge for the non-existent brother. He realizes what he did and heads back into the bathroom and Kira overpowers him with some sweet fighting skills, steals the car keys, and heads back into the city.

Some time later, we see Carver and Victor in an alley with Mac, who is trying to explain himself and justify the killing while Carver tells him that he didn't have a brother ("I didn't?"). Carver says that Mac is off-team until he's capable of operating at full-strength and Mac asserts that he can do that now. Carver asks if he would bet his life on that and then "PUSHes" Mac into believing that his gun isn't loaded. "Put the gun in your mouth, pull the trigger." Unfortunately, Mac loses the bet and Carver and Victor continue their search. Meanwhile, Nick and Cassie are riding a taxi through the streets with Nick going through the book when he recognizes one of the drawings as the logo for a club with a shiny bead in front of it. They head to the club and find an ex-agent/shifter there, Hook Waters (Cliff Curtis). We see him using his ability to perform card tricks for the girls inside. Nick and Cassie sit down and he gives the waitress a paper with a "100" printed on it and she goes to get their order and keep the change. After some talk about their purpose, Hook tells them that there's a sniffer named Emily they can use and gives them an address. They also tell him about the bead, and he makes a earring look like it to Cassie's description, which they take to use to find the girl. They go to her just as she finishes up telling a client his wife is cheating on him with a guy with a big boat. Although reluctant to help, Emily (Ming-Na) takes the bead and points them to the Kwun Tong Pier, where Kira is trying to get a ride by pretending to be someone's old friend. She hears Cassie and Nick and starts shooting and Nick recognizes her as his ex-girlfriend, who he used to run cons with on Coney Island (important). As Nick and Kira talk, Cassie gets a look on her face and scribbles quickly, then pales. She pulls Nick aside and shows him that the addition of Kira has added another grave to the picture -- her mom's. Nick isn't willing to part with her, though, and compromises by calling up an old friend named Pinky (Nate Mooney), a shadow. They go to a hotel and get a room, where Kira makes for the shower and Cassie makes for a street vendor outside, claiming she's thirsty. Pinky smiles and steps out, catching the imminent mood when he sees Nick stealing glances through the
not-quite-shut door, but it takes Kira pushing Nick into believing the bathroom's on fire to actually get him in there, at which point they do the sex. Later, everyone else is in the room when Cassie shows up, thoroughly plastered and saying that they should just dump Kira, since she'll get them all killed. She falls into a chair and immediately goes comatose, and everyone else leaves her that way until morning.

The next morning, Cassie is woken suddenly by the feeling of Pop Girl tracking them down. Her and the other three pile out of there just in time, and Nick tells the others to run ahead while he tries to make a better future.... by blowing Carver's head off. Cassie follows him but on the way is stopped by Pop Girl, who threatens her and asks if she's seen her death yet, asking what the tiger Cassie keeps drawing about that means. Cassie runs off just as Nick tracks Carver to a restaurant. He goes in with two mentally controlled guns but instead of being frightened or even surprised, Carver talks Nick down and asks how Kira is and if she's started bleeding guts yet, since apparently the drugs make everything in your system come out of your body without constant injections. The guns Nick is telekinetically holding on Carver and Victor start to waver, and Victor takes advantage and starts moving stuff of his own, resulting in a TK gunfight as Carver walks out and finds Cassie on the steps
with her drawing pad. He leafs through it while she begs him not to hurt her, but he just says, "If I kill you, I lose him," and walks off. Meanwhile, Nick and Victor have run out of bullets (thanks to TK shields) and Nick is trying a light brigade charge when Victor grabs him and starts bouncing him up and down and every other direction before following his boss. Nick comes out after a while and a concerned Cassie tells him that he looks like shit (yes, Dakota Fanning said shit...throw a party). He calls Emily and tells her about the key as they head back to the hotel. Back at the hotel, though, Kira is progressing into the degenerative stage, where her guts and blood are starting to come out.

Nick gets the key and after Emily and Hook arrive they find that the locker is...shadowed, although they do get that it's in a building. Cassie sketches the skyline from their hotel, which has a good view of downtown, and one of the buildings is missing.... the one they need to go to. Nick asks Cassie about the case and she says that it contains a drug that can be used to enhance their powers.

Unfortunately, they still have the problem of the watcher, which they solve by Nick writing a letter with specific orders to each of them, but they don't open them until he says so. As for him, he'll head to the wiper working on the docks that Kira woke up near and get that time erased, and that way everything can just be random and harder for Pop Girl to see. Nick quickly grabs a pen and some stuff to write on and starts writing the letters while Cassie works on sketching the case and the syringe containing the drug, along with five or six false leads for each just in case.... which is just as well, since Pop Girl is sketching merrily while they talk as her father and his "associates" do business in the background. Click Here!

That night, Nick is putting Kira in a cab and telling her to find somewhere safe. She asks when she should open her envelope, and he says, "When you start to doubt the truth." She gets in the cab and after being told by Cassie to get an umbrella since it'll rain, he and Pinky head to the docks where they find the old man who wiped Kira. As Pinky leaves him there, Nick pays the man to wipe the last two hours from his mind, although he's clearly nervous about the procedure, but everything goes fine.
Meanwhile, Carver and Victor are on a bridge when Pinky shows up before them with a bound Kira, who he hands over without a second thought. At the same time, Hook is riding an elevator up the invisible building and pretending to be an agent of Division who has come to retrieve the case, which he pulls off well enough. He takes the case back to the room where Cassie and Emily are waiting and makes a plain red suitcase look like the case in question. Cassie takes the case and exits while Emily does the same with the other Back on the boat, Nick wakes up and reads his note, which says simply, "Go home." He does and finds the case sitting on his bed. He goes to open it but is attacked from behind by Teresa, who renders him unable to move. He manages to see a gun underneath his bed and convinces her to fix him so he can take her to the real case (no drug in this one), and she reluctantly does. As soon as he's healed, though, the bleeders show up and take the drug and the case back to their father.

After they leave, Cassie shows up and he puts on his brave face, but she's not having it. She cries to him about everything and he comforts her and tells her that she can just go in a straight line away from all this and everything will work out, so long as she doesn't make any decisions the Division people can track -- random choices, and other stuff. She follows his advice as he goes to make a phone call, heading down into the subway and coming to an intersection. She turns around until she gets dizzy, stares at two signs, puts her hand over her eyes, does another spin, and runs...right in the direction Pop Girl said she would. Speaking of Pop Girl and her family, the brothers return with the case right then and show their father what they've acquired -- a bottle of soy sauce that had been charmed to look like the needle. Enraged, the father rallies the troops and they prepare to head out.

Back with Kira, we find her in an office at Division headquarters. She asks why they're doing this and Carver calmly replies that she volunteered for it before flipping her a badge that identifies her as an agent of the division. Carver states that she was undercover and he had been her partner for years, but when she volunteered to have the drug injected into her something went wrong and she flipped out, neutralizing (with her agency trained skills) anyone who tried to get in her way. Back with Cassie, she's still moving and eventually ends up in the attic of a Chinese restaurant. She turns around and sees a tiger on a box in front of her, in exactly the pose it's in when it's standing over a dead body in her sketchbook. She turns around and sees Pop Girl there with a gun pointed at Cassie. She smiles but is shot by Hook, who had apparently gotten tipped off. Cassie looks at the picture again and sees that Pop Girl has fallen in the same position as the girl in the sketchbook. Meanwhile, we see Nick walking through a hallway as a conversation between him and Carver discussing curing her for getting him plays. When Nick enters the room, however, he finds Kira the agent, who he has never been to Coney Island with and didn't even meet until yesterday, and is cuffed up and dumped into a trunk while being taken to the location of the case. The three agents head to the locker and Victor rips the door off, revealing the case within. Just as Carver takes it out, every Chinese gangster in the world shows up, including the bleeder brothers. A huge fight breaks out between the three agents with powers and everybody else with guns, the highlights being Carver taking care of the bleeders, Kira pushing five
guys to surround and defend her against any threat, and Victor getting rid of every bullet in the world and sending it back where it came from. At some point, the father of the bleeders and Pop Girl shows up and he screams.... turns out he's a bleeder too. Carver covers his ears as Victor comes up from behind him. They struggle and are ultimately buried beneath a huge heavy pile of bamboo logs, crushing them both. As Kira and Carver stare at this, Nick comes running up the steps, having broken out of the trunk, but is deterred by the squad of guns pointed at him. Not thinking, Nick grabs the case and the drug and threatens to inject himself. Carver tries to call his bluff, but Nick injects and within seconds is choking from the inside out before lying still. Carver sighs and says, "What a
waste." He turns and leaves with Kira just as the sprinklers come on.

Some time later, someone is approaching Nick's body. The feet kick him and Cassie says, "I thought I told you to bring an umbrella." Nick smiles weakly and replies that she said it was going to rain, but she shrugs and admits to getting things wrong sometimes. She helps him up and they head downstairs where they move a stack of packing crates to reveal the real case, which had been just outside the building the whole time. Nick asks just what he did get injected with, and Cassie smiles and says, "Soy sauce", prompting Nick to say, "That's gross." Nick tells Cassie that her mother is probably real proud of her, and Cassie asks what they do with Kira. Nick isn't worried and says that the watcher should tell him. At that moment, on a plane headed for the U.S., Carver and Kira are enjoying the ride.... or at least, a sleeping Carver is. Kira is going through her bag when she finds the note from Nick. She opens it and there is a picture of a slightly younger Nick and Kira smiling at a camera with the Coney Island entrance in the background. On the photo are written the words, "Kill him. See you soon. Nick." She stares at the photo in shock, and then her eyes narrow as the screen fades to black.
"Put your gun in your mouth. Close your eyes. Pull the trigger."

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