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Perempuan berkalung sorban

Title : Perempuan berkalung sorban
Director : Hanung Bramantyo
Genre : Drama
Cast : Revalina S. Temat,Widyawati,Joshua Pandelaki,Reza Rahadian
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Synopsis :
This is a story of a woman, A child Kyai Salafiah while a mother and wife. Anissa (Revalina S Temat), a woman with the strong, beautiful and intelligent. Anissa living environment of families in the Kyai in the pesantren Al Huda Salafiah daughter, East Java is conservative. For pure science and the only true Qur'an, Sunnah and Hadist. Books are considered modern deviate

In Salafiah pesantren Al Huda daughter taught women how to become a Muslim, which makes the lessons Anissa defend Islam thought that men, women are very weak and not balanced

But protests Anissa always considered children whimper. Only Khudori (Oka Antara), uncle of the mother, who always accompany Anissa. Cheer's up serve at once 'the world' the other for Anissa. Anissa secretly put to the heart Khudori. But love is not taken realize himself as Khudori still have close relationships with family Kyai hanan (Joshua Pandelaky), although not. This is Khudori always try to make love to kill. Until finally Khudori go to Cairo to continue the school. Secretly studying Anissa register to Jogja and received Kyai hanan but does not, the reasons can cause a scandal, when a woman has not been married are far from lone parents. Anissa whimper of protest and the reasons for his father.

Finally Anissa married even with Samsudin (Reza Rahadian), a son of Kyai salaf pesantren in East Java. Even if the heart Anissa mutiny, but the wedding was also held. The fact Samsudin married again with Kalsum (Francine Roosenda). Hopes to become an independent Muslim women for Anissa instantaneous collapse

In the story, Anissa meet again with Khudori. Both are equally loved. ...

Are Anissa and Khudori end in marriage? Anissa relationship and how both parents and her husband Samsudin? Anissa What can be a Muslim as her parents want?

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