Thursday, August 20, 2009

Next (2007)

Title : Next
Director : Lee Tamahori
Genre : Action | Fantasy | Romance | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Cast : Nicolas Cage,Julianne Moore,Jessica Biel,
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Synopsis :
Cris Johnson reads minds, or so he leads everyone to believe, what he really does is see around 2 minutes into the future and can change events to pan out a more positive way, but only his future.

When a nuclear threat is discovered on American soil, the FBI discovers his gift and wants him to help track down the terrorists. He has plans of his own however, he saw a lot further than 2 minutes at one point and it involved his future girlfriend Liz. Knowing the location of their meeting he goes there every day with hopes that its going to be "the day" she walks into his life.

As the FBI close onto his location though, so do the terrorists who also have intel of his gift and want him dead. Unfortunately for Cris he remains alive while his girlfriend is captured by the terrorists and has to aid the FBI in finding them both after all, before its too late.

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Credited to errosenin


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