Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kuntilanak Kamar Mayat (2009)

Title : Kuntilanak Kamar Mayat
Director : Nayato
Genre : Horror
Cast : Julia Perez, Mandala A. Shoji, Rizky Mocil, Imelda Lubis, Uwie Jasmine
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Synopsis :
Andini (Imelda Lubis) a student always dreamed about her older sister, Miranda (Uwi Jasmine) that worked as the hospital nurse. Andini misses increasingly had improved since Miranda went to leave her house because of her mutation work. Dream changed to the appearance, made her with Robby her girlfriend and Mocil (Rizky Mocil) their friend went to look for Miranda. Andini received information from Vivian, Miranda's friend about the residence and the place hospital of Miranda worked, increasingly she many she knew about her older sister increasingly often also she was haunted by the appearance, Andini most startled like that learned the reality about her older sister was pregnant 5 months and that the reason that made her go from their house.

Andini went to meet Doctor Indra (the Arena) the colleague Miranda, Indra finally saw Miranda in the night when Indra visited her house. Since that time he then often had been disturbed by the appearance – the frightening appearance, even the noose "kuntilanak" that he encountered when he worked in the room of the morgue. Sarah (Julia Perez) the fiance Indra that also the colleague Miranda also often was haunted "kuntilanak" that he found in the morgue. This incident made Indra stress

Is there Miranda searching will be succese?

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