Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kereta Setan Manggarai (2009)

Title : Kereta Setan Manggarai
Director : Nanang Istiabudi
Genre : Horror | Thriller
Cast : Vera Lasut, Ocke Mulyawan, Ferry Agustian, Nelly Yustikarini, Renaldo Thompson
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Synopsis :
Key, Fifi, Dado, Rey and Fajar planning to take vacation in Bandung. But unfortunately, their plan has problem when Dado get information that his cousins didn't arrive after visit to Bogor since two weeks ago. The worried face from Dado's Uncle makes them in the long journey.

Their Jorney makes them lost deeply. The misterious situation until the terrible accidents make them find the haunted train. Can Dado and friends escape from the haunted train and find his cousins?

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