Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hantu Jamu Gendong (2009)

Title : Hantu Jamu Gendong
Director : Koya Pagayo
Genre : Horror
Cast : Julia Pérez,Dimas Aditya,Fendi Trihartanto
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Synopsis :
Kafka was compiling his thesis about people phenomenon who have moved to the city who were interested seeking him fortune in the city. With Meisya, his sweetheart, from time to time Kafka received ordered to made paper, or thesis, from friends his collegemates until one when, Kafka heard news about his friends's disaster, they are Rio and Nadya where visited the mistic place that was believed in was occupied by the soul of herbal tonic carried seller.

Kafka was provoked to know more in the ghost's details. He meant put the herbal tonic ghost carried as the special column in his thesis. Because, during the period of his life, the seller of the herbal tonic carried that was original him named. This Sri, was people who have moved to the city who believed in the exact solution city to improve the level of welfare, compared with her village.

Kafka, Meisya and Andin then go to that place which believed that Sri's spirit always came. That same evening, Kafka tried to practise the method myth to produce the ghost. What happened afterwards apart from assumption. The herbal tonic ghost carried really show up. They were then terrorised by Sri and being interupt Kafka living peace. Kafka concentration worked on the thesis then lefted unfinished.

Sri soul actually was demanding replied upper was offended her was treated contemptible by whoever practised the presence myth her like that. Kafka, Meisya and Andin then remained and thought a way out to be free from this spirit.

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