Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hantu Biang Kerok (2009)

Title : Hantu Biang Kerok
Director : We We
Genre : Comedy | Drama | Horror
Cast : Elvy Sukaesih,Kamidia Radisti,Fadli Fuad
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Synopsis :
Ferry, Rifky, Simon, Aryo and Steve, are best friend since they were child. Steve must move his house with his parents. In few years, when Steve get merrid, Steve came back to his old place for invited his best friend. Simon who dont want to lose that moment for seing Steve, he arrage a bachelor party suprise for Steve and his best friends. In an old house, Simon invited the four of his best friends and dancer name Safira. But, Safira already have five order to dance, that make Safira to tired and sleepy, make all the party mest.

For replacement event, Simon used game "Jangka Setan", is the game to call spirits using span , Aryo very afraid, when the others very like that game. Situation more spooky, when a guy, Mr. Burhan and two security, Japra and Adung make them stop that game.

When Steve went to his home, he disturb by old female spirit who they call. In the next day, all them started hunted by few ghost. Ferry also met with misterius girl who make him fall in love.

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