Friday, August 14, 2009

Asmara Dua Diana (2009)

Title : Asmara Dua Diana
Director : Awi Suryadi
Genre : Comedy | Drama
Cast : Jamie Aditya, Luna Maya, Aura Kasih
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Synopsis :
Asmara (Jamie Aditya) is one lucky guy. He got married to Diana Wulandari (Luna Maya) who is the only child of a rich businessman in Jakarta. He is given a company by his parent-in-laws. The inheritance then is unfolded in front of his eyes. His bad thing is just one: he had the problem with loyalty. He still likes to fool around with new woman although he is married.

He meets Diana Dwiyana (Aura Kasih) who is sexy and enchanting. After having a sex date, Diana Dwiyana admits being pregnant with Asmara's baby. She wants Asmara to be responsible. Coincidentally his wife is also pregnant at the same time. His family welcome the new baby. As a gift, Asmara is promoted as the new company director.

Diana Dwiyana, impatient in being abandoned threatens Asmara that she will inform his wife that he had affair and pregnant with her baby. Feeling worried Asmara leaves the city and disappeared. During refugee period he meets a thug who just left the prison. He receives enlightenment from the thug that the safest place is inside the prison. He makes new friends inside the prison and become everyone's favourite. However, does Asmara feel happy inside the prison?

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