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17 Again (2009)

Title : 17 Again
Director : Burr Steers
Genre : Comedy | Drama | Romance
Cast : Zac Efron,Leslie Mann,Thomas Lennon
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Reviews :
Popular high school senior Mike O'Donnell (Zac Efron) seemingly has it all. He is a star athlete headed straight for a college scholarship when he decides to give it up to settle down with his high school girlfriend Scarlet is pregnant. Twenty years later, an adult Mike (played by Matthew Perry) finds his life is not exactly what he expected. He is separated from his wife, Scarlett (Leslie Mann) and living with his wealthy software genius nerd and best friend Ned Freedman (Thomas Lennon), his career at a pharmaceutical company is at a stand still, and his relationships with his teenage children are nonexistent. After getting passed up for yet another promotion at work, he returns to his high school to reminisce over his basketball awards and the life he could have had. While he is reliving his glory days, he is approached by a janitor and shares with him how things were so much better when he was 17. As Mike is driving home from the high school, he sees the mysterious janitor standing on the ledge preparing to jump into the Los Angeles River. Mike rushes out of his car to rescue him, but when he gets there, the janitor has vanished. What Mike doesn't realize is that he is about to fall into the river and turn into his 17 year old self. Young Mike (Zac Efron) returns to Ned's house, where he has the difficult task of convincing Ned that he is in fact Mike. At a loss of what to do, Ned pretends to be Mike's father and they register Mike back in high school to finish the life he never had the chance to live. High school presents a lot of new challenges for Mike, such as dressing cool, keeping up with the latest gadgets and making new friends. But nothing compares to being in high school with his own children. He discovers that his daughter, Maggie (Michelle Trachtenberg), is not nearly as innocent as he thought she was and his son, Alex (Sterling Knight), is the brunt of the star athlete's jokes. But Mike's most difficult realization is that he hasn't been a very good father or husband. Mike befriends Alex and tries to instill him with enough confidence to join the basketball team. He gets close to Maggie's obnoxious boyfriend and does everything in his power to break them up. Most importantly, he visits an unsuspecting Scarlet and rediscovers all the things that initially made him fall in love with her. You don't know what you have until you lose it.

Through his experiences, Mike realizes that he had chosen the perfect life he just never appreciated it. Now, he must figure out a way to transform back into his older self and win back his wife and kids. *Info from* In 1989, Michael O'Donnell was a star athlete with a full college scholarship imminent. He seemingly had it all, when, right before the championship game, his girlfriend Scarlet informed him she was pregnant. In that moment, he made the decision to throw everything away (including basketball and a chance at a scholarship) and proposed to her. Twenty years later, Mike's life has come to a standstill. Scarlet has separated from him, forcing him to move in with his geeky, but millionaire, best friend Ned Gold, his job is going nowhere, and his kids Maggie and Alex want nothing to do with him. While paying a visit to Hayden High School to reminisce about the life he threw away, he encounters the mysterious janitor. On the way home, is magically transformed back into his 17-year old self. With Ned posing as his father, he re-enrolls in high school, believing he has been given the chance to live his life over again, "but to do it right". However, he then discovers that his daughter is dating the basketball captain Stan, who is bullying his son. He realizes that his real mission is to help his children and makes friends with Alex. With Mike's (using the name "Mark Gold") help, Alex gets a place on the basketball team and the girlfriend he desires. Mike also comforts Maggie when she is dumped by Stan, who was pressuring her for sex. Meanwhile, he assists Scarlet in decorating her garden, gaining a new appreciation for her. Meanwhile, Ned is smitten with the high school principal, Jane Masterson. Although his initial attempts to 'peacock' her fail, they soon bond over a love of Lord of the Rings. However, when taking her back to his house, they discover an out-of-control party raging there. To celebrate Alex scoring the winning basket in a game, "Mark" is throwing a victory party. When Scarlet appears looking for Alex, Mike's feelings for her are reawakened, and he goes to kiss her. She is appalled, and slaps him. His action is witnessed by Maggie and her friends, who are all disgusted, especially since Maggie became smitten with "Mark". The next morning, Ned reminds Mike that it is the date of his divorce hearing with Scarlet. He shows up as Mark to read a letter from Mike O'Donnell, the contents of which touches her. However, upon seeing the "letter" (which is really just a piece of paper with directions on it), she realizes that Mark had been reciting from memory.

Later, at the championship game, Mike makes a gesture which she recognizes as his. Realizing that she is in the same situation as twenty years earlier, she flees the scene. Mike follows, handing the ball to Alex, who goes on to make the winning shot. The janitor catches sight of Mike and changes him back into his adult self, and Mike and Scarlet reunite. In the end, Mike is happily reconciled with his family, now the coach of the high school basketball team. Ned, too, is happy, having mended his relationship with Principal Masterson.

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